Emergency Medicine Physician w/ ABEM Cert - Day shift - PRN

Jacksonville, Florida, United States · JAX · QEG


Our client Crucial Care operates 4 high acuity urgent care facilities in Florida. We are looking for a PRN Physician for the Jacksonville clinic off Baymeadows Rd. Ideally we'd like this Physician to pick up 2-4 shifts per month starting no later than January.

What makes Crucial Care different? They offer the same treatment and the same equipment that you get in a hospital emergency room, without the politics, overcrowded waiting rooms, long wait times for patients, and pressure on the medical team to see as many patients as quickly as possible.

What's the difference between Crucial Care and an Urgent Care? All Physicians are Board Certified (ABEM) in Emergency Medicine. You practice high acuity, ACEP standards medicine. You have all the same equipment as an ER including; CT Scan, X-Ray, lab, and ultrasound, all on site. You can even do intubations. Your team is just like in an ER with experienced Nurse Practitioners, RN's, Lab Techs, CT/RT Techs and ER Techs, all with 3+ years’ experience working in an Emergency Room.

What does a typical day look like for a physician at Crucial Care?

It starts off with a group Huddle meeting to go over points of business, treatment, education and to socialize. The day is much smoother compared to the flow in an ED where ambulances and hallway beds add to the chaos. All the staff surround the physician to support him/her and the patient. The added work of order entry and checking for labs/radiology does not occur because they all are placed onto the chart for your review. There is always ample opportunity for lunch and snack breaks as well as bathroom breaks, unlike what most ED doctors experience in most Emergency Departments. Admits are handled by the staff and all you need to do is decide what type of physician is needed for further care and give your report once they are on the phone. Avoiding admissions for a significant portion of the patients and utilizing creative thinking about the need for hospitalization versus the use of other outpatient resources is the goal.

As in any ED, things can be unpredictable, but the calm work environment and strong support staff make things go very smoothly. At the end of the day you can be home with your friends or family at a reasonable hour and get to experience the things in life everyone values - without being mentally and physically exhausted. Not having to work night shifts and overnight is uplifting at a minimum, if not life altering. There is the added bonus of the clinic being closed on Thanksgiving and Christmas day and shortened hours on the major holidays. Not to mention a very flexible schedule to work around whatever your life demands of you outside of work.

Why work with Crucial Care? If you are passionate about patient care, want to spend more time with each patient, and want to keep patients out of the hospital, this is the place for you. You will get to help care for the patient from start to finish. You will help coordinate all the pieces of care after the patient visits, helping create a more efficient and cost effective care solution than in a traditional emergency room setting. We understand that being sick is scary, and we do everything we can to create a better patient experience.

No overnight shifts. Weekday shifts are 9am - 7pm (10 hours); Weekend shifts are 9am - 4pm (7 hours).



5+ years experience working in hospital or freestanding ER

Single coverage experience

Florida License or interest in getting a Florida License

Ability to work 2-4 shifts per month



Closed Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day

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